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Cornerstone Payroll Company was established with the mission of providing an affordable single-source payroll solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Through experience and strategic technology partnerships, we offer employers a payroll solution that is easy to use, reliable, and cost efficient. 

Our knowledge and excellent customer service has helped our organization continue to grow over the years. With over 20 years of experience you can trust us to manage your payroll with professionalism, accuracy and confidentiality. 

Our cients have easy access to us whether by phone, email, or internet.  No more toll free numbers or talking to a different person every time.  Our owners and staff reside here in your community and are dedicated to your success.

At Cornerstone Payroll Company, we are more than just a payroll processor. In addition to payroll services, our partnerships with J.B. Kennedy & Associates, LLC and Safe Harbor Financial Advisors, LLC give us the ability to offer many other key business solutions to help you and your business. Whether you need accounting, tax planning, investment management, 401k plan design, or federal and state income tax return preparation, you can find all the help you need under one roof.

Weather you currently perform the payroll function yourself, use another payroll provider or are just starting your business from scratch, Cornerstone Payroll Company has streamlined the transition to make it as painless as possible.
You can, but technology allows Cornerstone Payroll Company to provide you with other options as well. Payroll Direct deposit and Payroll Debit Cards are also available
Sure! Everything can be managed from your smart phone or any mobile device. Cornerstone Payroll Company can upload you your time sheet allowing you to sign in at your convenience from any web-enabled device to enter your time or salaries related to each employee along with any other information related to the payroll. Once you are finished, you can easily upload your time sheet and Cornerstone will begin working on your payroll once received. It couldn’t be easier to submit your time report and get your employees paid.
For salary or hourly employees with fixed hours, you will need only to let us know what day they should be paid and we’ll do the rest. Cornerstone Payroll Company will send you a reminder one day before just in case you would like to make changes.
Through our Web-Employee Self-Service portal system, your employees can simply log in and view or print their payroll check stubs and W-2’s at any time. With our Web Employee feature, you will not have to pass out payroll check stubs or W-2’s ever again!
Yes! Through our partner, Safe Harbor Financial Planning & Investment Advisory, LLC we can. Safe Harbor makes it easy for your employees to enroll in a qualified 401(k) plan, weigh investment options, and keep an eye on performance. It is easy to add employer 401(k) Matching Contributions as well. The Safe Harbor offices are also located in the same building as Cornerstone Payroll.
Sure! Cornerstone Payroll Company prides itself on being local and accessible. You are not a number but a valued client who deserves our attention.
Yes. We offer multi-factor authentication to help confirm whether the right person is signing into an account. Using multi-factor authentication adds an extra level of security to your account.
Yes! Through our parent company, JB Kennedy and Associates CPA, we can help you with tax, accounting and bookkeeping services. JB Kennedy & Associates, LLC have experienced and trusted accountants and CPA’s ready to help you with any of your accounting and/or tax needs.

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