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12 Days!

That's the average number of days per year that a small business owner spends doing payroll. That's time you could be focusing on your business, or spending time with your family.

Peace of mind.

Thanks to ever increasing and complicated federal and state rules, the forms, the deadlines and other labor regulations, the payroll function can be a nightmare for the business owner.

With Cornerstone Payroll Company, you will know that your payroll is done right every time, all the time.

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Whether you currently perform the payroll function yourself, use another payroll provider, or are just starting your business from scratch, Cornerstone Payroll Company has streamlined the transition to make it as painless as possible.
You can, but Cornerstone Payroll Company provides you with other options as well. Payroll Direct Deposit and Payroll Debit Cards are also available.
Through our Web-Employee portal system, your employees can simply log in and view or print their payroll check stubs and W-2’s at any time. With our Web Employee feature, you will not have to pass out payroll check stubs or W-2’s ever again!
Yes! We have partnered with our sister company, Safe Harbor Financial Planning & Investment Advisory, which in turn allows Cornerstone the ability to offer our clients expert help with their existing 401(k). Safe Harbor can also design and implement a new, qualified 401(k) plan. Safe Harbor's Registered Investment Advisors are here to help.
Sure! When you call Cornerstone Payroll Company a real person answsers the phone. We pride ourselves on being local and accessible.
Yes. We offer multi-factor authentication to help confirm whether the right person is signing into an account. Using multi-factor authentication adds an extra level of security to your account.
Yes! We have partnered with our parent company, J.B. Kennedy and Associates, which allows Cornerstone the ability to offer more than just payroll services. Cornerstone's clients have access to the expert and freindly CPA's and accountants at J.B. Kennedy and Associates for any of their income tax or bookkeeping needs.

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Business Solutions You Can Count On

Payroll, bookkeeping, taxes and employee retirement benefits are a fact of life when you are a business owner. All of Cornerstone’s business solutions are designed to help businesses and their owners thrive. When you work with our dedicated team of payroll specialists, with the CPA’s and Accountants at J.B. Kennedy & Associates, or with a Registered Investment Advisor at Safe Harbor Financial Planning & Investment Advisory, you will be able to obtain the peace of mind that comes with working with professionals who are experienced and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while keeping your business compliant.

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to managing payroll or employee retirement benefits? Do you feel like it’s time you obtained an accurate picture of your financials so that you can make informed decisions about your financial future? If you need assistance with tax or tax planning, Cornerstone Payroll Company can help. Please contact us or set up an appointment today.

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